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Reex Ltd (AG) was founded 1998 by shareholders proficient in finance and qualified engineering for power and petrochemical projects. Reex is an innovative company and experienced in project development and power plant engineering and provides services to implement the project according to your requirements and as an independent contractor. Within the last decades Reex have become a well known service provider worldwide for maintenance, repair, refurbishment and extension of electricity generation, transmission and distribution equipment.

Our belief is that, for power plant owners and operators, adopting a strategic approach to power plant operations and performance is an opportunity to optimise lifecycle efficiency, increase return on investment and achieve predicted lifecycle cost. Such an approach is particularly important when energy production has to be balanced according to fluctuating market’s needs. Over the power plant’s lifecycle this calls for long term thinking regarding operations and maintenance planning as well as upgrades. A strategic approach can also offer solutions for finding and training competent personnel, as well as ensuring occupational health and work safety.

Our risk based approach allows us to minimise technical and commercial risks around our customers’ assets and our transparent and flexible contracting allows for a true partnership approach, reinforced with performance based contracts.

We deliver complete care, custody and control services to support day-to-day and routine maintenance to help minimise unplanned equipment failures and increase plant uptime.

Key benefits:

Reduce your downtime with us

We coordinate the resources, processes and technology to deliver maintenance and repair with minimal downtime through the global service network. Using the latest repair technologies, you can expect fast and reliable solutions on site. Our highly skilled service specialists are able to provide support wherever you need it. Reex also provides an extensive resource of tools and equipment, allocated and dispatched from storage and service centers where they are overhauled, calibrated and prepared for immediate service.

Setting standarts in overhaul and refurbishment

Overhaul and refurbishment represents one of the most effective ways to prolong turbine & engine life and minimise lifetime costs. We provide a variety of services from individual component repairs and refurbishments to full engine and or turbine as well as substation overhaul and testing, with every aspect of our service based on rigorous quality standards and supported by top level technical expertise.

Reliable subcontractors and partners

To meet individual business challenges, Reex integrates global capabilities with key suppliers to provide a range of maintenance services for gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, compressors, and balance of plant. Working on your behalf, we achieve economies of scale, and preferred access to parts with reduced complexity, leading to more efficient and effective contract execution.

Reex’s services include:

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Reex has a track record of service innovation geared towards lowering the cost of ownership for turbo machinery operators. Our unique approach to risk management, contracting flexibility, and business transparency ensures that asset owners have a real opportunity to improve return on their investment. Using our extensive experience and maintenance knowledge, we develop and deliver customised solutions that can optimise plant performance and minimise technical and commercial risk.

Maintenance should not be planned blindly with disregard to the proftability of the power plant. Instead, maintenance should be optimised according to needed capacity based on dispatching forecasts in order to maximise proftable revenue potential and minimise lost revenue. The idea is to ensure availability when market conditions are favourable, and to perform maintenance when the demand is low. The implementation of dynamic maintenance planning can help minimising downtime costs and improving operation in terms of dispatch and cash flow.

A dynamic maintenance schedule means that maintenance is not always done according to the original maintenance schedule. Rather, the condition of the equipment is monitored constantly. This way trends and changes in operating parameters can be identifed well before they might compromise asset performance. Maintenance can thus be performed only when needed, which optimises operational availability and productivity. Highest uptime can be achieved during the most proftable operation hours, and planned downtime hours can be eliminated by performing maintenance during off peak hours.

Delivering lower life cycle costs to power plant owners and operators is critical to success. With our own feld engineers and an outage support we effectively intervene on both planned and unplanned events. Our network of technical experts, turbine engineers and skilled labour means that you have a team of experienced maintenance professionals supporting your individual requirements.

The lifecycle of an asset can be extended and its efficiency improved through upgrades and modernisations. An asset can also be converted to, for example, operate on a different fuel. Gas conversions are an increasingly common example of such a solution, offering both environmental and financial benefits.

During the lifecycle of an asset, upgrades are typically needed for:

  • Engine / turbine performance
  • Cooling systems
  • Automation software and hardware
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Power monitoring unit
  • Human machine interface or operator interface
  • Engine speed/load controller.

When planning a modernisation or conversion project, a strategic partner with the right resources can offer help in design and project management, as well as securing and structuring financing solutions. By providing professional project management such a partner can also assist in risk mitigation and insurance issues – not least through ensuring reliable operation and a safe working environment.

To achieve maximum operational efciency performance must be optimised. By knowing and fully understanding the operating equipment and procedures, it is possible to increase
efciencies, reduce costs, improve reliability and maximise uptime through improved availability
and extended time between inspection intervals. Performance optimisation requires strategic
decisions. Investing in systems, solutions and new technologies can improve performance, while
savings can be achieved through systems integration and replacing inefcient components.
Knowing where to invest and where to save is a key factor in strategies geared towards
optimisation. Creating a strategic partnership with an experienced service provider can give
access to expertise in these issues, thereby freeing own resources for concentrating on core
business development.

When evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing operations and
maintenance, it is essential to include the whole lifecycle in the analysis. Quick wins and
savings in operations and maintenance can become quite expensive in the long term, as any
savings achieved through lower fxed operational costs will be very quickly lost if compromised
maintenance and operations lead to even minor efciency losses. Outsourcing enables the
owner of the power plant to look into the level of future returns in terms of operational
performance. Therefore, an asset management agreement is highly valuable from both a
fnancial and a risk management point of view.


As an innovative company experienced in engineering, purchasing and construction we provide services for complete plant as well as for mechanical and electrical components and systems. Our skilled staff adds value to your projects from the bidding phase to the successful commissioning and following operation.

Special emphasis shall be given to our experience in electrical and l&C components and systems. Our personnel looks back to over 40 years experience in the industry and has also acquired subslontial expertise in Libya (former BBC, ABB and Alstom employees) for the construction of gas turbine power stations and the engineering and supply of components and systems, such as generator bus ducts, neutral cubicles, transformers, generator breakers, substations, uninterruptible power supply, DCS systems, low and medium voltage switchgears, control equipment as well as associated spare parts, namely for lhe power stations Tripoli South (5 x 87 MW, Type ABB GT13D), Khoms (4 x 135 MW Type ABB GT13E), Zawia (4 x 160 MW Type ABB GT13E2), Zawia Extension (2 x 160 MW Type ABB GT13E2), Benghazi (1 x 160 MW Type ABB GT13E2), Al Zwaiyah (4 x 50 MW Type ABB GT8) and other sites (total 24 gas turbines).

Needless to mention that our personnel is trained by the OEM’s and on all key plant components and systems (and havint, therefore, easy access to them), with a focus on your needs and motivated to contribute to your project success.

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